November 27, 2012

Dear Katy:

Thank you so much for assisting me in getting my Will and Powers of Attorney set up the way I had intended.  This may not seem like much but it is huge to me.  You see, I thought I had everything organized so that my estate would be disbursed the way I had imagined.  Little did I know…..

I appreciate you providing me with a list detailing the documents that would assist you in your review and, if necessary, establishing new documents.  This made it easy for me to know what I needed to provide you. It also was a strong indicator of the depth you would be going.  I was impressed.

I appreciate that you came to my home.  This made it easier to pull out documents that I had neglected to provide.  Plus I didn`t have to worry about finding parking in an unfamiliar location, no traffic issues.  Again, you made it easy for me.  Again I was impressed.

I appreciate your thorough review of my documents and the skill with which you were able to discover areas of possible weakness that needed further discussion.   As you explained to me the consequences of what was written, we discovered that my estate was not going to be disbursed as I had intended.  We even had a few laughs over it all.  Impressed?  Once again YES.

I appreciate all that you did Katy – your professionalism, attention to detail, friendly personality, thoroughness, skill and knowledge all played a huge part in making this a pleasant and fruitful experience.

I learned several valuable lessons through this process.  A few examples….. Expert advice is worth it.  Expert advice does not have to cost a fortune.  Katy Basi is an expert and is worth talking to about your estate planning.  You can trust her!

Thank you so much, Kati.



March 18, 2013

Dear Katy

After over two years in a very complicated legal matter it seemed as though the dirt was piling up and the mud was so thick I couldn’t see where I was going. Funny enough neither did the other lawyers, especially around Trust Law which is significant in this case. They had never taken the time to learn and understand the case fully where all laws were concerned. You knew what documents and questions to ask for and surprisingly very quickly understood and analyzed the case. You cleared the mud from not only my eyes but other lawyers as well. You also came up against a pretty tough accountant and by dealing with him in a non demanding, persuasive way you were able to eventually reveal the truth. Thankfully what you discovered was to my favour and even if it hadn’t have been to see the picture in a way that I could understand was unbelievably refreshing.

You are a most brilliant and knowledgeable lawyer, and gave me the outmost confidence that you would guide me to the truth and possibilities of my case.

To say thank you for your professionalism and effective manor in which you dealt with the other professionals is not enough. You are a sincere and authentic lawyer, unfortunately rare, without prejudice, in what I have viewed of your profession thus far.

Not only have a recommended you to everyone I know I have strongly recommended you to my other lawyers as well.

Warm regards and thanks,


PS – Barb later added the following quote:

“without  knowledge and understanding I was a victim to the circumstances laid before me. After meeting with you I was no longer a victim and my position become one of power.”

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