Our New Website is basilaw.com!

(905) 237-9299, katy@katybasi.com or katy@basilaw.com

Updated information is available at our new website, basilaw.com – thank you!


2 thoughts on “Our New Website is basilaw.com!

  1. Katy, I am so happy to know you and I think this is a great website showcasing the services you provide. I am happy that you will show us all that you can work and be at home with the children on your own terms… Looking forward to working with you, Tina Perri and family

  2. Katy is a professional that has impressed me be beyond words and this has not happened to me as of yet. When you are thinking of getting things done…Katy is the person who will complete your thought with facts and detail. When you are wondering what it would be like to have everything in order…Katy is the person who will give you a peace of mind. If you have things done and need a review to see if the times are changing along with your needs…Katy is the person who will tell you how it looks in the eye of the law. I have been very interested in getting my plans in order, and searching for the right lawyer to enter into my sphere of influence. Katy Basi is the Lawyer who has my best interest at heart. Thank you Katy for all you are doing for our family.

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